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Small Group Charts and Lead Sheets
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Not only do I love writing for big band, I also am thrilled to have a quartet/quintet of my own and I have lots of originals and other tunes for that kind of band. You can hear a sample of my music on the MUSIC page of this site and I'll include some more below on this page. If you'd like to have a composition or arrangement of mine for your group, send me an email at or call me and we'll make it happen. 

INDEX OF MUSIC (all compositions mine unless noted)

88 this piece is based on the text of Psalm 88, it's slow/rubato and reflects the mood of the Psalmist 

Blues 24  a 24-bar blues in B-flat, med up swing 

All You Are To Me  a contrafact based on the standard All the Things You Are

Angels  written for a dear friend who died of cancer, med straight 8th groove in A minor

Back of the Line  drum and bass groove with an Eddie Harris vibe

Blue Birds  a "Bird blues" in E concert, a key that's a little off the beaten path for most, med up swing
Coffee Bean Blues  slow swing in B-flat, very bluesy!
Dance of the Stargazer  
med up 3/4, cosmic mood
Dance With Me  fun latin groove with a melody that will get stuck in your head

Dextraction  I had Dexter Gordon in mind on this one, it's a 16-bar blues, choose your own groove
Dig This!  med up rhythm changes, this head has lots of notes!
straight 8th 3/4, challenging melody, from the Greek word meaning, "good news!"
Farewell  a tribute to my father, straight 8th ballad

Freedom Jazz Dance (Eddie Harris)  7/4 funk groove, similar to my big band chart on this classic
Flow  med up piece in F minor, phrygian mood
Hercules  I did this med up groove blues during a winter storm, it's in A-flat minor, very modern vibe 
Hmmmm...  med swing, blues in B concert, ala Monk and Coltrane
Lamentation  straight 8th tune I wrote after a long time family friend passed away, he was looking forward to coming to our next gig but was called home before that happened, explores the melodic minor modes in several keys
Letting Go  I wrote this on the occasion of a friend who lost his son in a tragic car accident, haunting melody in D minor
Lineage  this tune is my thank you to the many great jazz musicians whose music has influenced my own, med swing, E-flat minor
med up D minor, "Elvin's mambo" groove 
Pilgrimage  a Coltrane-esque piece that was originally part of a suite I did based on the classic, "Pilgrim's Progress"
Spill  med swing/funky tune that came out of a diatonic 7th chord practice session, my wife and kids love this one! 
Step One  a med slow funk vibe with a mixolydian flat 6 melody
Supersonic Pentatonic  med up 3/4 melody in based on the five note pentatonic scale heard in almost all Western Music, very hip!

Swept Away  pop groove with a simple but beautiful melody, I wrote this with my wife in mind
Transformation  sometimes in life you have to make some adjustments, this tune came in that context; I think the melody and chords portray a hopefulness that doesn't give in to fear

Utopia  a Wayne Shorter-like composition, Latin feel
Wait  warm med slow 3/4 ballad
Wizard  up tempo modern groove with Gandolf in mind
When Love Comes Home  the groove is similar to Stevie Wonder's Overjoyed, it's a meaningful pop ballad I wrote for my wife


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