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Big Band Charts Available for Purchase

It's been my privilege to compose and arrange music for an amazing band these past twenty years. If you'd like to have a composition or arrangement of mine for your band, send me an email at or call me and we'll make it happen. 

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of my big band charts, some of which are listed below. 

INDEX OF MUSIC (all compositions mine unless noted)

26-2 (John Coltrane)  med swing, features band trading 8's between the sections

33 West  med swing, soprano sax/trombone solos

Four in One (Thelonious Monk)  med swing, in the tradition of Thad Jones 

Freedom Jazz Dance (Eddie Harris)  7/4 funk groove

Farewell  a tribute to my father, straight 8th ballad
Hmmmm...  med swing, blues in B concert, ala Monk and Coltrane

Wait  warm med slow 3/4 ballad

Nutty (Monk)  7/4 funk to 4/4 med swing, features an epic sax soli

Reflections (Monk)  ballad, woodwind soli feature 
The Flip Flopper (Steve Fidyk)  hard rocking groove, minor blues
Gaffe (Steve Fidyk)  funk to med up swing, another epic sax soli
I Love You (Cole Porter)  5/4 funk-ish rendition of an old standard

Limehouse Blues (Philip Braham)  fast swing 

On the Verge  med slow funk groove, some mixed meter
Evangelon  straight 8th 3/4, exciting shout section
Highlander  med swing
Paradox  med up D minor, "Elvin's mambo" groove  
Dance of the Stargazer  med up 3/4, cosmic mood
Utopia  a Wayne Shorter-like composition, Latin feel 

With Gratitude  med slow 3/4 lots of band writing   
Back of the Line  this will remind you of Eddie Harris, drum and bass groove, funk

Freedom Jazz Dance
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